Being proud!

Well behold, People who think Thy are perfect Are often filled with envy Better than thy When thy see Thy brain gives up Then thy hate Thy say the betters no good Only copied His work would Being confident is best Being proud? Well it needs a test. Cause thou envy may make thou a […]

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Fold in out.. #poem #blog

Its cold Both in and out I wanna jump And give it a damn shout DONT DARE YA LINGER AROUND WITH FALSE LOVE LIKE SOUND.. I just wanted some love around Not faces with personality hidden in the ground… A thought to detain, Not a false love to entertain.

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Vinchi’s drama..

First its not a typo. Its VINCHI..not Vinci.. Actually as the abysses open to scandalize one out, vinchi came as a surprise. Well much fuss about Lil good name. Let’s wonder about vinchi.. Vinchi is Miss Dilemma. People kinda treat her as hope of tomorrow.” Aggh!!” ,Vinchi grins. Vinchi is just perfect. Its not that […]

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I love you more

Ohhh. ..#blog #poem #song #lyrical Never have we held hands To walk together across old sands.. Neither did I force Nor you were coarse But baby let me tell you Ask anyone They would say same That I love you more.. I did love you more… I will allow you to recount Of all how […]

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